Saratoga Springs, NY:

Saratoga Lake

June 29th

Grand Rapids, MI:

Cedar Chase

July 20th

Minneapolis, MN:

Southern Hills

August 10th

Tampa, FL:

Cypress Creek

September 21st

San Diego, CA:


October 26th

Austin, TX: Forest Creek

November 2nd

A first of its kind event series combining everything you want out of your Saturday. Meet downtown for bag drop and beers. Drink up until the party bus arrives. Hop on the bus and prepare yourself for the most entertaining 9 holes of your life. Bus back to downtown, rally the night away.



What's included in my registration fee?

  • 9 holes of Party Scramble golf
  • Party bus transportation to/from the course
  • Beer on course (4 beers guaranteed, likely more)
  • Prizes for winning team
  • Special day-of discounts on food, drinks, apparel, golf, etc.

What's not included in my registration fee?

  • Swannies swag (can be purchased at course)
  • Hard alcohol/food (can be purchased at course)

What is this "Early Swan" registration?

The first 24 spots in each event get discounted rates, sign up early!

What time of day are these events?

Bag drop for each event starts at 12p (noon) downtown. The 9 holes will take us to sunset, and the buses will make it back downtown about an hour after sunset.

How is our score calculated?

The scoring is based on a traditional, 4 person scramble, with a bit of a twist. (If you're unfamiliar with a scramble format, google is your friend!). You will compete in 3 party games - 1 every 3 holes - against the other foursome in your group. If you beat the other group, you take 2 strokes off on the following hole. The party games can account for up to 6 strokes off your final team score.

Do I even bring my clubs?

Yes! You are welcome to share a bag with your group if you'd like, you are not required to have your own set of clubs. Our favorite bag to date just had 6 footwedges in it...

Do I get a cart?

Yes! (with the exception of the Minneapolis event).

Is there a dress code?

Keep your shirt on, please.

I've registered! How will I be kept in the loop with updates?

We will send you updates via email leading up to the event. PLEASE make sure to give us your current, active email. You will be responsible for providing participant information via email and keeping up with all event related information.

Do I need to be 21 to participate?

Technically, yes. Realistically, also yes. PLEASE do not register if you are under 21. We're fortunate to be able to put on a golf event that prioritizes fun and all that comes with it. Please don't ruin that for everyone. Our contract with each course stipulates that if someone under 21 attends our event, the rest of the events are cancelled :(. Don't do that to us, and more importantly don't do that to those who want to enjoy the Party Scramble format for years to come. IDs will be checked at the brewery AND at the golf course.

***We will be adding FAQs as they come to us!***