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2017 Swannies Summer Scramble


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Swannies Presents:
The 2nd Annual Beer Olympics Scramble. Saturday, August 19th, 2017

What is it?

Excuse the hyperbole, but it could be the single greatest event to happen on earth, ever. Golf, beer, games, fun, free stuff, good looking guys, good looking girls, swans, pretty much anything anyone could ever want.

fun on the course drinks on the course

 How does it work?

You play 9 holes of golf with beer Olympics games every 3 holes. Your score will combine your 4-person scramble score and your performance in the beer Olympics games.



Arrive at Able Taproom in the Northeast Brew Pub District and drop off your golf bag with us. Have a beer. Mingle. Eye up your competition.


The party buses arrives, go get on it! The only requirements from here on? Swing your club, drink your beer, and enjoy your company!

 3:15p Party bus arrives at Southern Hills. It's go time.

Shotgun start, not an actual shotgun, but you're more than welcome to shotgun your beer if you feel so inclined.

 7p Awards, drinks, and more......... THERE'S MORE?!

The party buses return to pick you up. In the words of Chris Farley from Billy Madison, "GET ON THE BUS"


Party bus drops us back off at Able Taproom, we'll go enjoy a few inside, then go wherever the night takes us.

***Must be 21 years old to attend. Sorry, kiddos, we can't play the drinks police and would prefer to stay away from any legal trouble. Thanks for understanding!***
Able taproom


        Early Swan: $55 (first 48 people to register) SOLD OUT
        General: $65 (until Saturday, August 12th at noon CST) SOLD OUT

        What do I get?

        Now I know what you're thinking... "Swannies, what's the catch? How can you have this much fun for less than a Benjamin?" Let me drop some knowledge bombs on you. Swannies knows how to stretch your dollar. From the minute you step foot on the party bus at 2p to the minute you get off it at 9p, you're covered. There will be a Lame Duck, Buzzed Swan, and Wild Goose party bus, to assure your transportation vibes with your preferred environment. 


        So, to sum it up:

        - There and Back Party Bus Ride
        - 3 Beer Olympics Events
        - Unlimited beer (!)
        - 9 Holes of Golf
        - Promo Items
        - Giveaways
        - And most importantly, a ton of fun

        Special Guest:

        Coach Rusty

        coach rusty logo



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