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2017 US Open: Your Pre-Tourney Roundup

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Phil rolling the dice, the airline scandal, my personal favorite, and some random musings.

Phil, Phil, Phil, classic Phil. For those that haven’t heard, Phil is slated to miss his US Open tee time on Thursday due to his daughter’s graduation speech. However, Phil has a late tee time and there is a possibility of a rain delay. The only way Phil will be able to make it work is if he has a 4-hour rain delay. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s certainly not likely. No one else would ever try to pull this off. Phil is still seeking his first ever US Open which would complete his career Grand Slam. The guy has had some horrendous luck when it comes to the tournament so I do have a little sympathy. Realistically, Phil probably has four more years to pull off the victory and be immortalized in a club that only holds 5 of the greatest golfers of all time. The biggest problem I have will this whole situation is Phil is preventing an alternate from playing. Totally cool if Phil comes and plays, he earned it, but preventing someone from likely living out their dream playing in the US Open, kind of greasy, Phil.

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American Airline Scandal. If you didn’t hear, Michael Buttacavoli (whose last name literally autocorrects to “guacamole”, thanks Microsoft Word) was attempting to advance in the final stages of the US Open qualifying and American Airlines lost his golf bag, he tweeted about it…. and got famous. Kind of a baby, kind of agree with him. I’m the first one to get on the “I hate airlines” train. They delivered every single bag EXCEPT his and he even priority shipped it. That’s just not ok. I understand airlines are always under the microscope and are judged unfairly sometimes, but is transferring ONE bag from one conveyor belt, to a plane, to a conveyor belt really that difficult? Everyone is always trying to get their 15 minutes of fame when an airline messes up but they crushed this kid’s dream of playing in the second biggest golf event for an American (Augusta being number one of course). I’m not sure if he made the right move by backing out and allowing an alternate to play (see argument from Phil rant) or if he should have sacked up, found some rentals, and tried his best. But, I digress.

My US Open Favorite. Now I’m not going to be another stick in the mud who doesn’t want to be wrong and picks the crowd favorite like DJ or Rory, we’ve got enough of those people in this world and you don’t want to read another garbage article about why they’re the best players in the world. I’m going to go with my man Justin Thomas. JT weighs no more than 130 soaking wet and absolutely smokes the ball. Erin Hills is going to get stretched out to around 7700 yards, and in the words of Joe Dirt, “she ain’t no puppy”. A young gun with lots of length and mental strength is much needed to pull off the W, so stay strong JT. PLUS just look at that cookie duster on his lip, what a legend.  For a long shot call, I’m going to go with Stevie Stricker, a Wisconsin native who last I checked hasn’t missed a fairway since 2004.

Leave your favorite pre-tournament story or your call on who’s taking the trophy in the Hot Takes below!

-Mike Hau

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