Back 9 Brawl

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a lover, not a fighter. But if we've been waiting on every approach shot all day and you put one next to my cart for the fifth time, I'm probably going to bury my nine iron straight up your ass. I'm not saying thats what started this brawl, all I'm saying is, I've got a pretty good idea what started the "Back 9 Brawl".

The Fighers: Buddy (bro in pink) and Guy (bro in light blue)

Scenario 1: Buddy was eyeing up a "sick new visor" in the proshop so he could go cougar hunting at the bars that night. Buddy goes to take a leak, Guy swoops in and buys it right out from under him

Scenario 2: Guy and Buddy are shoulder to shoulder at the bar. Guy gets 8 pounders for the boys and spills one Buddy's brand new Sperrys.

Scenario 3: Guy is banging Buddy's girl.

Scenario 4: Both hit on the cart girl, both thought they had closed the deal, neither really had, turf war erupts.

Scenario 5: Guy was hitting shots up Buddy's ass all day and he finally snapped.

Scenario 6: Buddy pissed in the cup on 17.

Scenario 7: Buddy wouldn't turn down the John Mayer playlist on his bluetooth speaker.


 Now, yes, I did make all of these up. But I have a good feeling at least one of them, if not more, is pretty accurate. Let me know your thoughts.


Written by: Mike Hau and Drew Cook







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