Swannies 3rd Annual Scramble-Palooza Preview!

Year three of the Swannies Beer Olympics Scramble-palooza is upon us. How will the Swannies crew top last year’s event, you ask? Well we’ve got kegs upon arrival at our warehouse, kegs on the party buses, and added kegs to the course! But, as we all know, this is a highly competitive event, So, we’ve also brought back and added more time for the Slip-n-Slide show down Flip-Cup Challenge on hole 10.

Without further ado, let’s get to our usual pre-tournament Vegas odds for this year’s teams:

3-1 Team Terry Tilleson – It’s hard to say which Terry we find the most intriguing in this tournament, but we’re certain Jake will be laughing at his own jokes the entire day. Just remember, Terry, you are an ambassador for Swannies!



5-1 Combo platter of Ronnie and the Boys & Team Coblin O’Brien – After what some referred to as “dismal performances” in 2017, both groups seem to have regrouped for 2018. To clarify, by re-grouped we mean they’ve had another year under the belts to practice Beer Olympic Games, and more time to contemplate the proper number of beers to be down prior to tee off. 3? 6? This is a good look on hole, 8 not 1. Find the sweet spot, boys.



5-1 2011 Sam Stang & Friends – After a trip to the Slip-n-Slide show down Flip-Cup Challenge last year, they’re back for revenge. One source mentioned they bought a slip-n-slide just to get some reps in earlier this summer. Either way they’ll team up with A-Hoff, JD Swan, and bros for a group that will be a joy to observe from adjacent fairways.


7-1 Team Beaver AKA “Those Married Guys” – Recently married. About to be married. Midas whale be married (wait, we wrote that last year). The days of the boys in the photo below are a distant past. Ordal will most certainly be getting beaked by his own group, but a scouting report of his recent game indicated a buttery tempo and a hot flat-stick. They’ve also ditched their lady counterparts this year in favor of long sticks and soft hands. They’re my dark-horse pick to sneak into the finals.  



15-2 Team BEANS – These cornhuskers will feel right at home in the corn fields of Farmington. Is nostalgia a good thing? Is Scott Frost the answer to decades of misery? Will Tim Miles ever make the big dance? These are the questions we ponder – one of them should be answered by Saturday.


8-1 McCabe & Bro’s – Look good. Feel good. Play good? Don’t know that they can look as good as their handsome stud of a ringleader below (formidably not in attendance… Kevin! The Meatloaf!), but they’ll sure try.



8 -1 The Field – we have 10+ new team entrants from last year – sure to shake up the event and keep the OG homies on their toes. Just make the party bus on the way back ya’ll 😉


10-1 Team William Sidney Douglass III –These guys like golf. We just don’t know what we’re looking forward to more… costumes like below or that cheeky grin adorned just below Douggie’s receding hairline? Side bet pick-em: who will get beaked more on Saturday, Ordal or Dougie?



12 -1 Team Rocheford – The man works in the golf business, you better believe he’s bringing in some ringers. Golfers? Yes. Drinkers? TBD.


12-1 Team Meet the Erickson’s – All the way from Colorado, the Erickson’s are near and dear to our hearts. Sure, class and dignity may not be words they associate with, but that’s not surprising after putting up with the Swannies team for nearly a year. Looks like they'll fit right in though…



15-1 Team Fernholz - They've got arguably the best looking man in the event -- heads up gentleman!


20-1 Team Dugas – Word is they like to ride in this beauty when given the chance, and hey, who can blame them?! Can the fly style of a free-wheelin convertible cart make a difference? Who knows, but  it will be just another on course entertainment act to attract any ladies around.



23-1 Team Epp - Tyler Epping is back with new teammates after a tough go of it last year. Despite being the only group to chalk up a DNF at last year's scramble, they also were the only ones to put a keg on their pushcart and have a teammate mysteriously appear on the slip n' slide in a mankini


40-1 Darth Vader & Co. - Word is the group only signed up to beak the Beaver, the ringleader of their 4-some counterpart. Either way, team captain, Darth, has a few rounds under his belt this summer and beautiful ladies by his side to compliment that oh-so-silky swing. I'd blame those damn sandals.  



100-1 WB Class of 2011 – Less married than their older brother’s, the younger Swanson and Hoffman are admittedly far worse at golf. More importantly however, this team won best dressed at last year’s event. Will a promotion to play with last year’s finalists Sam Stang & Friends be just the boost they needed? Or will the charming charisma of so many of White Bear's eilte in one group ultimately haunt both groups?



Mentally prepare yourself, guys and gals. The 72-hour countdown to the event of the summer has begun!

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