The TFG Report: Ranking The Best "Traditions Unlike Any Other"


I can hear it now, Jim Nantz’s angelic voice reverberates through the air and welcomes his “friends” back for the premiere spectacle in golf and quite possibly all of sports, The Masters Tournament (on CBS). With dreams of Tiger roars and a tight battle down the stretch, it’s easy to consider the weekend, “A tradition unlike any other”. We dove deep to rank other sporting traditions that better define “A tradition unlike any other”.


5. K-Ville

Cameron Indoor doesn’t lack talent (just man to man defense), but where they do lack is seating capacity (officially listed at 9,314 seats).

Queue K-ville.

Cameron Crazies are quite literally, crazy. Armed with tents, pillows, and their homework (the university sets up WiFi in the light posts for students), the Blue Devil faithful lay their heads outside the arena days in advance just waiting to “Jaz Hands” their opponents from the stands for two hours of glory. The students come to their seats “battle tested” as space heaters are not allowed no matter the temperature. “Save the heat for the arena!” – Coach K (probably). 


4. Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

Although I’m not sure if jamming tube steaks down your throat is considered a sport, I’ll give credit where it’s due. Any human being that crushes 50+ hot dogs in 10 minutes is putting in more physical exertion, and showing more heart, than we do most days at the office, let alone over a pile of franks

In all honesty, it’s hard to find something more American. I can’t say that sitting back with a cold one watching a guy named Joey Chestnut give a new meaning to the meat sweats is my favorite part of the Fourth of July, but I also can’t say it isn’t. Step back, Takeru Kobayashi, and leave this odd feat of human ability to the land of Uncle Sam.


3. Playoff Beards

Tradition? Superstition? Another way to look tough? You be the judge. If you’re spanking pucks in the NHL for a living and you whip out a razor in the middle of April, something isn’t right. On the list of things that add to a tough look, this one is right up there (unless you’re one of those scrawny rookies that still rocks the middle school peach fuzz). A playoff beard truly is the epitome of a mental power play.


2. Gatorade Showers

Nothing screams victory like a quick rinse of orange Gatorade. Ironically, I imagine the Gatorade shower has forced coaches to take a real shower, or two.

CONSPIRACY THEORY: This is a players attempt at getting their coaching staff involved in the post-game festivities. It really redefines being a "player's coach" when an NFL coach suds up with da boys.

HOT SEAT: Cramping. Confidence is at an all-time high after a big victory and electrolytes take a back seat. Would it make sense to hydrate before you dehydrate with some adult beverages? No, absolutely not. Dump that puppy on the ol’ ball coach. 


1. Dance Cams

Timeout? More like time-in. When the “GET LOUD” graphics just aren’t cutting it in big game moments, it’s time to let the kids and dads of the sports world take over in the hype department. These brave warriors are the life of every wedding dance floor, the MVP candidates in the child embarrassment department, and true innovators of their craft. To every lawn mower that doesn’t start, to every moon that has yet to be walked, and all the whips that just got hit, we appreciate you.

Check out the 360 with the wrist dab below – one of the best we’ve ever seen. 


2018 Masters Picks from the Swannies team:

Stanger: Rory McIlroy                                     Booth Mom: Jordan Spieth

Swanny: Big Cat TW                                       Q: Vijay Singh

Ivy: Tyrell Hatton                                             Grabes: Matt Kuchar

Stew: Jon Rahm                                              Dance Cam MVP: Wes Bryan