3 Tips for The Beginning Golfer


Golf. The emotional roller coaster that keeps us coming back for more. Thus ends our intro…

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day. Neither Is A Golf Swing.

Odds are, you’ll feel like a complete fool the first time you hit a golf ball. That’s half the fun! It’s not supposed to be easy. Keep working at it. Do not get discouraged. We have all been there, and quite frankly, most of us are still there.

One of the best ways to learn anything, is to watch someone else that knows how. Cue the beauty of the 19th hole….. Make friends at whatever course you’re at. Buy them a brew or two, or three for that matter, and you’ll get yourself invited to their Sunday match. It’ll blow your mind how much you’ll pick up just from playing with other golfers. 

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It Doesn’t Have to Cost A Fortune.

Spoiler Alert: Sales Pitch Coming.

The costs of the game can turn a lot of people away. Do not feel compelled to buy $1200 sets of clubs. Those clubs won’t even be that useful to you until you learn how to truly hit the ball. The same goes with golf balls, or shirts for that matter. $85 golf shirts are silly to begin with.

Swannies (anddd there’s that sales pitch) just so happens to have a high-quality line of golf shirts that don’t cost $85. Check out our Pancake Polo (best name ever…we know), The Blake, or if you want to be the fun guy, you have to go with THE GOAT polo. It’s an homage to Mr. Woods himself. If Tom Brady came to mind for a split second, get out. (That was a joke. Brady is pretty cool too..)

3 other important things:

  1. Do not get conned into buying a fancy ball marker. Dimes are the best ball markers in the history of the world. They’re small, flat, and will not be in the way of other people putting. They’re also easy to find in the bottom of cupholders in one’s car. There’s nothing worse than that fella with the colossal golden ball marker that he bought at Pebble Beach. (If you are going to Pebble Beach, check out our outerwear. It’s pretty darn windy at Pebble Beach).

“Guys, check out this ball marker. It only cost me $45. Pebble Beach.”

“That’s great Frank. Can you move it six feet left? It’s shining brighter than that golden idol thing at the beginning of Indiana Jones.”

2. For the love of all things holy, DO NOT use plastic golf tees. They will scratch your clubs, are a dumb use of plastic, and DO NOT make you cool. Just…..sigh….don’t….don’t be that guy.See the source image
3.The one thing that you should invest in, is quality golf shoes. Slipping on wet grass, and subsequently firing your golf ball at someone’s house, is not attractive. Comfort is also a staple in our vocabulary.


It’s the Greatest Game Ever. Relax and Have Fun

You will never find another game that will take you through more emotions. You can bomb a drive down the fairway, and feel like a Greek god. You can walk down (or ride in a golf cart with a six’er in the cooler…let’s be honest) the same fairway, and immediately need Prozac when you shank your next shot into the rough.

The more you play, the more you’ll fall in love. My best advice to anyone, is grind it out until you make your first birdie. You’ll be hooked, and never look back. Have Fun. That cannot be stressed enough. You’re outside! You’re not working. You’re hopefully golfing with your friends. What more do you want?


David Butler. Writer. Swannies Fanatic. Golf Fanatic. Fanatic of those reading this going and buying some Swannies golf apparel. King of sneaking sales pitches into incredibly compelling content. 


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