Bryson DeChambeau: How to Hit It 350 Yards

As a firm believer in the golf gods, Bryson DeChambeau’s current dismantling of the norm is very unsettling. One has to wonder whether sacred treasures like Augusta National and Winged Foot Golf Club will hold him back later in the year. For now, the world is fixed on DeChambeau’s unique approach to a game that takes great pride in tradition.

All of this likely has many a golfer questioning what the secret is to hitting the ball 350 yards. Well, it walks the line between science and witchcraft.

Step 1. Eat everything

DeChambeau put on 30 pounds for this golf season. Breakfast reportedly includes 4 eggs, 5 strips of bacon, toast, and 2 protein shakes for breakfast. 2 protein shakes…..for breakfast. Lunch is a classic Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, with GoMacro bars and 2 more protein shakes every 6 holes. For dinner, he eats a steak, potatoes, and you guessed it..2 more protein shakes.

One has to question the national health ramifications of what is happening here. Will this lead every average golfer to forgo the concerns of cholesterol, and eat their way to big drives?

Step 2. Work out a lot

It’s not enough to just eat bacon. DeChambeau works out like an animal to turn all that weight into muscle. He’s spoken a lot about how back pain led him to work on strengthening his core. When you compare today’s Bryson to Bryson from two years ago, he essentially turned into the hulk.

Step 3. Swing really hard

Yes, that’s step 3. Look up any YouTube video from the past few weeks, and you’ll see what we mean. A reported 5-degree driver notwithstanding, DeChambeau is going all out on the tee box.

Step 4. The Secret Ingredient

There’s one thing that Bryson hasn’t added to the arsenal; a Swannies golf shirt. DeChambeau wears a Ben Hoganesque Ivy Cap. You’re telling me our classic Dillen Polo wouldn’t match perfectly? Whether you’re eating 1,000 eggs and 450 strips of bacon (please don’t), or if you’re drinking every protein shake in sight, our shirts have been scientifically proven (not even remotely true) to make you look cool doing it.

If you’re more of the “swing hard and ask questions later” type, try the McLaughlin. You might not hit the ball 350, but you’ll look damn good trying. 

Whatever you choose, please for the love of God, don’t eat that much bacon.




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