Fantasy Football Outlook: Risky Players with Big Upside Potential

It’s that time of year again. The fun, yet ultimately frustrating fantasy football draft season. Would we rather be golfing? Yes, we would. Nonetheless, fantasy football may be all that keeps us sane moving into the colder, darker months of 2020. Given the way this year has been, that’s saying something. I myself will be hiding in a comfy Swannies Wolf Fleece; cheering on my players in an exorbitantly passionate manner. Screaming will be involved…

Everyone knows the thoroughbreds. It’s no secret that Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkley are the names on most people’s minds. They’ll undoubtedly go in the first three picks of round one. If you’re lucky enough to hold one of those coveted spots, don’t hesitate. Outside of that, here’s who we’re looking at.

1. Miles Sanders

I took Miles Sanders this year. It may be contrarian to the more tried and tested horses that you can pick up in round one, but the simple fact is that Sanders is a fast running back that can catch the ball. Jordan Howard is gone from the Philadelphia Eagles, opening it up for Sanders to be their main focal on the running game. The Eagles offense has had a great passing game for years, but a weak running game has limited their ability to change it up. I see the second year Sanders changing that up this season.

2. Dalvin Cook

Within the thoroughbreds, the emotions are high when it comes to Dalvin Cook. Swannies’ love for its native Minnesota means that many at the warehouse are desperately hopeful for Dalvin Cook to have a good season. Here’s the thing, he gets hurt a lot. The running back has missed a bare minimum of two games each of his three years in the NFL, and has carried a host of injuries ranging from the gut-wrenching fantasy football “Swan song” known as a torn ACL, to hamstrings and shoulder injuries.

Among the top five names on most draft sheets, Cook is one of the riskiest given his penchant for hurting himself.  That might present an opportunity for those with a later draft spot. Someone might pass him up early in fear of those injuries; opening it up to get him later in the first round. Stay vigilant.

3. Rob Gronkowski

This is like playing with fire. Gronk is a legend. He’s also old. He’s been beaten up a lot. He’s missed game after game with injuries. The upside is that the veteran tight end could take you all the way to the championship against your friends. Even if you hold grudges of stone against the Patriots, it’s hard not to be intrigued by the prospect of the Tom Brady/Rob Gronkowski duo back in action.

I have virtually zero doubt in my mind that these two will light some fireworks in Tampa Bay. The team has a large arsenal of weapons in names Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Now, the team recently acquired Leonard Fournette, which is going to allow Brady to move the ball around. Some might say that takes targets away from Gronk, but we all know that it’ll spread the defense out, and let Brady’s favorite target find his way to the endzone. It’s just a question of which hit will put him down for 3 weeks.

If you’re brave enough to take this journey on, good luck to you.

4. A Sleeper for The Reckless Among You…

A lot of fantasy football managers don’t value the tight end enough. There are only a few big names at the position, and it’s easy to slouch in terms of choosing one later on. If you always seem to end up chasing a tight end in the later rounds, take a look at Noah Fant. The strategy here is to own a young player with potential, on a Denver Broncos offense that has struggled to completely put the pieces together. Coming off his rookie season, Noah Fant put up 562 yards and three touchdowns in his rookie season. This year, he could build become an even more meaningful target in that offense.

Fall Is Coming…

While the golf season is winding down for many (you lucky souls in the south will keep playing for months), we can still take comfort in the serene beauty that is fall. Whether we’re tailgating in our Swannies Wolf Fleece (which I have now advertised twice basically it’s basically the most comfortable fleece you’ll ever own), a glorious hat, or chilling on the couch watching your team on that NFL Sunday package you overpaid for, just know that we’re right there with you.

Disclosure: I am not an ESPN analyst. The views expressed are merely the opinions of a fantasy football junkie who consistently ends up in four leagues because he can’t say no. Swannies is not currently staffed at levels required to provide emotional counseling should your season be a wash. Draft at your own risk.




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