SEC Football Is Back. Top Stories This Week

FINALLY, the moment has arrived where we no longer have to watch Kansas get their doors blown off by Coastal Carolina on Primetime ESPN or watch Central Arkansas play again Austin Peay.

It’s finally the week where the SEC and my beloved Gators of Florida kick off their seasons and we get to watch good football again.  I’m going to give you some interesting storylines to keep an eye on not only for the opening week but also for the rest of the SEC season.

 1)   Can LSU bounce back after losing the Tiger King and his army from their Natty run?

This is maybe my favorite storyline of the year.  The Tiger King, the Bayou Savior, Joe “All I do is win” Burrow is gone after putting together one of the greatest season in the history of college football.  I think this team is in big trouble this year.  They open the season against a Miss State team that signed Mike Leech and his air raid offense that can score a lot of points and quick.  This could be an interesting early season challenge for the defending champs as well as having to play Bama, Auburn and the Gators throughout the year.

2)   Is Bama now the favorite again to win the SEC?

Personally I am not a fan of Mack Jones one bit.  I think he’s got a real good shot of being Trent Dilfer with the Ravens.  I don’t see Bama losing to anybody this year because outside of their QB position they are extremely talented and we’re going to see them showcase that week in and week out this year.  It’s hard to see any other team taking the SEC from them but watch out for them Gators.  The Gators have a great chance to make a statement this year coming off a great season in 2019.  Kyle Trask has a little bit of Ryan Fitzmagic in him and Florida seems to really love gun slinging QBs so the hopes are high this year for the Gators.

3)   How will the “Air It Out” approach from Mike Leech and the “I know the spread and won’t cover” approach from Lane Kiffin work out this season?

This is something that I am extremely interested in watching this year, because watching the Wazzu Cougars for the last few years with Leech leading the charge was excited.  Now he comes into the SEC where you see a lot more ground and pound than air raid and I am excited to see if Miss St. can replicate similar teams as to the 2019 LSU offense.

 Lane Kiffin on the other hand is on my list, list of people that piss me right off.  Anybody that shows up as a coach knowing the spread and willing chooses a side to go on and influence the game in that fashion has no respect from me.  I personally hope Ole Miss doesn’t win a single game the next 5 years.  But let’s get real for a second, Lane Kiffin is a great offensive mind so it’s going to be interesting to watch how he stacks up against some of the great defenses in the SEC.

 4)   Who will be in the CFP with Bama?

Let’s be honest, the SEC is going to have 2 teams in this year.  The Pac-12 is awful.  Big 10 (even though they have 12 teams) will have OSU and Big 12 is most likely coming down to Texas and Oklahoma but the Playoff Committee gives the SEC schedule a tremendous advantage amongst the rest.  So I’m calling it now, CHOMP CHOMP BABY, LETS GO GATORS!

 Disclosure: Football thoughts compiled by Swannies fanatics Chad Zurat and David Butler. Zurat is of Wage War Sports. Follow them on Twitter for hilarious sports commentary. We are not analysts. In fact, all we know is we love football and Swannies golf apparel. 

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