Swannies Christmas Gift Guide

It might be a bit different this year, but the holidays are upon us. Social distancing, and good ole COVID-19 have hindered our ability to go out and enjoy the hectic thing that is Christmas shopping. Luckily, Swannies is set up perfectly for socially distanced shopping. You barely have to do a thing, because we’ve put together a gift guide for you.


Our polos are the perfect holiday gift. Need to find something for your father, father in-law, or basically anyone who plays golf? We’ve got you covered. Our polos thread the line between modern cool, and classic style. Simply put, your old man will feel like the coolest man on the course. Our personal favorites include

 The Pancake

This is the one your Dad is going to want. Plain but heathered, this classic will look good on anyone.


Buy your dad’s new favorite golf shirt here

The Blake

I’m just saying, sometimes you should buy yourself a present too. That present should definitely be The Blake.

Check it out here

The McLaughlin

It’s a classic polo with dots. Not much more to be said. It’s classy, and modern all at once.

Check it out here


We know, it’s cold out. These are the dark days of the year. There’s not a lot of golf to be had in the northern hemisphere of the United States. Nevertheless, Swannies is prepared to get you through it. These are our favorite items for the colder months.

The Wolff Fleece

It’s simple. This puppy is badass. We love it. It’s our attempt to bring an Eddie Bauer homage to the Swannies line. The Wolff Fleece is designed to be lighter than many fleeces, yet warm and comfy. You’ll look like a campfire building stallion, all while feeling like you’re wearing a blanket all day long.

This fleece is THE fleece. Click here to check it out

The Wink Vest

What can we say? We made the best outerwear vest in the history of vests. Sure, that claim is a stretch, but we’re not backing down.

Click here to check out the greatest vest ever

The Schnarr Bomber

For anyone that HITS BOMBS. Shop the bomber here.

The Haag Hoodie

Looking casual? This is the hoodie. You’ll feel awesome on the couch, around a campfire, or out on the town (wear a mask, people).

 Click here to check it out


Don’t back down, people. Don’t let winter take away your birdie spirit.

Our Stillwell golf shorts

They are the epitome of “I came to play. I also came to have a darn good time”. They’re made out of our quick dry material, and will help you look like the thoroughbred of the foursome, even if you shank basically every shot you hit. These look great with a cold one in hand.

Check them out here

Twirls for the girls

Don’t back down! Winter only lasts six months. Eventually we’ll be back to short sleeves and shorts. Our “Twirls” tee is our bestseller. Just look at the pic, and click our link to buy one. It’s that simple…

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