In 2020, we launched our first polos made with REPREVE, a recycled water bottle fabric. Currently over 50% of our polo collection is made with this fabric, and we plan to expand its use into our other product categories. REPREVE provides the same performance characteristics of traditional polyester without contributing to growing global plastic pollution.

We're vocal about our use of REPREVE in hopes that more brands will consider making the switch. Our impact is only magnified by supporting others as we push to greener supply chains. Learn more about REPREVE at https://repreve.com/discover.


We currently use recycled and re-sealable mailers for our online orders, allowing customers with returns/exchanges to simply reuse the same mailer they received their order in.

We work directly with https://www.ecoenclose.com/ for our current packaging needs.

By 2022, all of our packaging and tags will be made from recycled, compostable, or biodegradable materials.  


Follow our story of becoming the leading golf brand in environmental responsibility.