Meet the Team


Matt "Bar Close" Stang


I try and approach golf like I approach life - there are good shots and bad shots, but you have to play the ball where it lies. Trust me, ball don't lie.

 Joe "The General" Hau


Golf should be relaxing and fun. Far too often people throw clubs, swear, and make a complete fool of themselves on the course. Instead, golf should be about laying ridiculous side bets with your buddies and continuing to do so as long as you play the game. 

Sam "The Namesake" Swanson


In my mind, you can't beat a late summer afternoon on the course with your friends or family. At Swannies, that's what we value every time we play - surrounding yourself with the people you enjoy the most and playing the way that makes you comfortable.


sam swanson swannies meet team
mikey hau swannies meet team

Mike "Cow" Hau


After leaving competitive golf, I found that my enjoyment of the game greatly increased. I lost sight of what really matters when playing the game, and that is having fun. Swannies embodies the fun and social aspect of the game, and that's why I jumped on the opportunity to join the team.

Adam "Great Lettuce" Iversen

Golf has always been a way for me to forge and strengthen relationships, as a player, caddy, and casual fan of the game. Anything that demands five hours of your continuous attention must be pretty special -- and shared with people who are as well. 


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